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Interactive, Transparent display systems

Looking for a new digital media to impress and attract your audience? Searching a new solution to educate and engage prospective consumers? Sourcing a new power of persuation for purchase? Learn more from what Emotive Digital is empowered to solve your challenges.



Digital Selfie photobooth

Looking for entertaining and engaging your audience to the next level? Seeking to capturing new emails for sales lead generation? Call for Emotive Digital's choice for you.


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interactive, SMART vending machine

What if a vending machine is equipped with the power from attracting foot traffic, stopping and engaging traffic, to analyzing the audience and providing personalized purchase recommedation with built in AI? Contact Emotive Digital for this all-in-one system for you. It is not a vending machine, instead, it is a new advertising media.



Digitalized appliances

Looking for turning a traditional commercial appliances from storage to a vivid digital marketing media? A refrigerator with interactive, gamified personalization content on the door? An icecream stand doing the product education and sales pitch on your behalf 24/7? Emotive Digital designs and engineers the system as well as creating marketing contents for you, and you can just focus on perfecting your own products. Find out how.


Virtual sommelier

Having over 1,000 brands in your store? Having a hard time to educate your consumers on all brands? What if there is a 'digital' wine steward who interacts with your consumers and makes personalized recommendations? Could you imagine the astronomical difference in sales driven by this whole new, immersive digital experience? Come to our show room to have an in-person experience with our virtual sommelier.

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