Emotive Digital, founded in 2014, is a new media company that provides all turnkey new retail technologies to its business clients. With a new digital media built in its point-of-sale (POS) systems, Emotive Digital delivers an immersive shopping experience to consumers, which increases impressions, stops the foot traffic, engages shoppers, and ultimately boosts sales in magnitude. 

Emotive Digital's customers span across multiple industries, including retail, food & restaurant, non-profit, etc., and ranges from small businesses to fortune 500 corporate clients. The problems Emotive Digital helped to address include but not limited to

  • How to attract traffic from other isles of a grocery store to our shelves?
  • How to promote sales of a new brand or new product of an existing brand?
  • How to engage consumers while they are right front of a product/brand?
  • How to do a sales pitch without a salesman?
  • How to cut the cost of operation with a technology substitute?
  • With only a very high level objective, how to design and prototype a solution? What about the implementation, scalability, and continuous service/maintenance of a solution?

Emotive Digital proactively addresses its business clients' questions and continuously delivers satisfactory results. A solution can be as simple as a 30-second digital content design for a client's existing media or as complicated as an 8-12 weeks total solution including hardware/software design & engineering, integration, testing & deployment.  

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